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3 Things To Do BEFORE You Start Wedding Planning

Are you newly engaged or just too overwhelmed and don't know where to start your wedding planning?

Starting can feel like huge barrier and the fear of messing it up is real.

Well take a deep are not alone.

Here are a few things you should think about first, even before you start planning, to help make the rest of your journey run so much smoother.

1. Pick A Date: this may seem very obvious at first, but this is the very first item you need to check off. Without knowing your deadline, it will be even more stressful trying to figure out how and when things need to get done.

Once you have your date set, you can then build your planning timeline accordingly. Depending on how far out your date you, you may need to adjust some items. Time is your most valuable commodity in life and wedding planning!

2. Decide What's Important: really take the time to sit down together to chat about what is important to you as a couples and individuals. The day is about celebrating what brings the two of you together and happy in love.

You may find out that it's really important to the both of you that there is a craft beer at the bar, but the color of the linens doesn't matter. So now you know that you can skip the meeting with the rental team and schedule that time to talk with the catering team to make sure they have a beer option instead.

Remember building a wedding is something the two of you have never done together before so don't make any assumptions and it's ok not to know the answer. Make this a time to ask questions and explore more about each of you.

3. Grab Your Tribe: remember you are not in this alone! Take a good look at your wedding planning check list and see what you feel comfortable delegating to your wedding party or family.

If your bridesmaid can help assemble gift bags or pick up the groomsmen's outfits, it's worth it. Even it its just your sister coming with you for your fifth dress fitting, leaning on those that care most for you will not only be honored but needed when it comes to crunch time.

Pro Tip: Don't forget to assign duties before, during, and after the big day. Letting your party know what specific thing they are responsible for only makes the day + after run smoother. Think -who will be responsible for gathering cards + gifts, brining other shoes to change into, ect.

Its time now to be accountable: when you are ready to start the journey, use a wedding resources like my free download to help keep your planning on track. This free wedding planning check list by month will break down your planning steps into easy monthly tasks you can check off along the way. Make sure to personalize the task list to fit what you worked on above.

If you are looking at the list and worried your career might have to take a dive in order to get this all done, it might be a good time to see if adding a wedding planner to your tribe might be a good fit. Many planners have different package options to best fit where you are at in your planning process and how they can best join forces with you

About This Planner

I am a Midwest girl (Go Bears!) turned sunshine junkie for sure! I live and breath the beautiful Florida Keys.

My most popular all-inclusive wedding package does all the hard work for you so planning is a breeze and you can focus on the fun parts.

I would love to join your tribe to help make this amazing journey of wedding planning so much easier then you thought it would be.


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