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Best Season To Get Married in the Florida Keys

There is nothing more dreamy than saying "I Do" on the edge of the tranquil waters of the Florida Keys. Finding your ideal season to get married in can be tricky if you don't know the pro's and cons of each.

We are so lucky to be on a set of US tropical islands that has beautiful, consistent weather the majority of the year. This is what makes the Florida Keys such a desirable destination wedding location.

Here is a easy list of the seasons to get married in the Florida Keys and why!

Wedding Couple
Winter Wedding at Courtyard Marathon

Winter Weddings: December through March

Pros: Its probably warmer here then where you live! Being the southern most part of the US has big advantages in the winter months to enjoy being outside without hat and gloves. Winter days tend to be sunny and warm (70's) and the nights might drop a little (60's) but defiantly no snow in this forecast.

Cons: Peak season means higher rates and more populated areas. Everyone else also has the same idea of getting away to grab that sunshine. Be prepared by making reservations early. Possible high winds are more relevant in the winter months due to winter storms up north.

Couple kissing at sunset
Spring Wedding at the Courtyard Marathon

Spring Weddings: April through June

Pros: Popular wedding season in the Florida Keys with the nights getting warmer (upper 70s). Winds tend to be less severe and less consistent as the weather calms up North. Clearer skies are ideal for picture perfect sunsets.

Cons: Being popular means rates tend to still be high. Burst of higher wind days is possible or no wind at all. Be prepared for it all.

Sunset wedding couple
Summer Wedding Courtyard Marathon

Summer Wedding: June through August

Pros: Summer is considered a slower season so finding better value and discounts is more available. Mostly calm winds help make for ideal event conditions, keeping your centerpieces in one piece. The water is amazingly warm and perfect for water activities that guest would like to do outside of the wedding date. Beautiful puffy clouds make for amazing dramatic sunsets!

Cons: Its hot. However, the ocean waters actually help control the air temperature so it will rarely get over 90 in the summer months. With most weddings taking place as the suns going down, you have a piece of mind knowing the hottest time of the us well passed your ceremony time.

Also, be prepared for possible showers. It is considered the raining season - however, outside of a hurricane warning, it rarely rains for an entire day. Be prepared with a reception tent to keep your guests comfortable and protected to keep the party going no matter the weather decides .

Beach Wedding Ceremony
Fall Wedding Courtyard Marathon

Fall Weddings: September through November

Pros: The days start to cool down a little bit (low 80s'), but the nights are still warm and comfortable (high 70's). As up North starts to cool down quickly, the Florida Keys stays warm and comfortable. This "shoulder" season can bring some good value and discounts if your dates can be flexible. September is the slowest month in the Keys so deals are abundant!

Cons: Rainy season (or hurricane season) doesn't officially end until the second week of November. So make sure you know what your Plan B option is, just in case. August and September are historically the most active weather months.

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