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Top Wedding Traditions NOT Trending

When it comes to deciding on what wedding traditions to include or not include in your wedding day, you may feel pressures of family, friends, and Instagram on what is right and wrong.

There are so many wedding traditions that have been pasted down through generations, you may feel that if you leave something out you may upset a loved one or your great-great Aunt.

The truth is that it's your day and its completely up to you. Here are some of 2022's top wedding traditions that couples are saying "umm maybe not for us" and creating some of their own unique wedding trends.

Head Table Facing Guests -

the tradition of having your entire wedding party sit on one side of a long table facing all of your wedding guests is being traded for more creative ways to sit.

Family dinner seating style is replacing the head table with a fun farm table seating arrangement to allow you and your wedding party to truly interact and enjoy each others company - sans the medieval knight table-like setting.

The sweetheart table is another most popular choice. Eating your first meal as a newly wed couple is most romantic when it's just you two. This also helps when you can't make the choice of who put at the head table.

Formal B+G Receiving Line & Table Greeting -

less and less couples are choosing to add in welcoming your guests with one long line or formally walking up to each table after dinner as a part of their "must-have" in the timeline.

Why? The truth is time is money. Depending on the wedding size, it could add significant time to already tight schedule. With most vendors charging by the hour, modern B+G's want to make sure that the time they paid for is well spent.

What's trending instead? Newly weds are now opting to give a formal "thank you" speech instead. This offers a genuine opportunity to share heart-felt feelings in a way that is most efficient.

Wedding couple dancing
Courtyard Marathon Florida Keys

Formal Dancing to Full Songs -

for those of us that may cringe at the thought of having to be the center of attention- slow dancing front and center may feel like 5-6 minutes of torcher that should be an special time to connect.

Couples feel that 2-2.5 minutes of that special song is the perfect amount of time. Listen to the song to find the right time to fade out so it doesn't feel abrupt.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to share this with your entertainment well before the big day. This will insure everyone is on the same page and will avoid those awkward glares to the DJ to try to communicate you are done.

Garter / Bouquet Toss -

its been scientifically proven that the Beyoncé song "should've put a ring on it" was made for the bouquet toss, but it doesn't mean that you have to include it.

And if the thought of your new husband pitching a tent under your dress in front of your family make you uncomfortable - you are not alone.

Some creative couples are putting meaning behind the toss such as a donation to the local animal shelter in the name of the guest who catches the tossed stuffed animal.

Or winning gifts strong modern single ladies would appreciate like pink tool set (no, I don't need a man to fix my faucet).

If you really have a itch to rally up the troops - couples are creating more sentimental items like a football from your alma mater and a fake bouquet with matching college color flowers.

Toss out (pun intended) what you thought it should be and make it yours.

Wedding couple eating cake
Courtyard Marathon Florida Keys

Tiered Wedding Cake -

the wedding cake is one of the most an iconic traditions of them all. Who could imagine a wedding with out the couple slicing into the cake and smashing it into each other faces? Who started that tradition anyway?!?

The wedding cake itself is not going anywhere - but what it looks like is. Gone are the huge, expensive 3-4 tired cakes that no one will eat anyway. Instead Bride and Grooms are looking for more fun, unique, local dessert options that guests will truly enjoy eating.

However, couples that still want a slice of that tradition, are choosing a wedding cutting cake as well. This is a single tier, 6 inch round cake that is ideal for couples to cut into and still have fun with!

Taking Guest Music Requests At The Wedding -

this may feel like a sure-proof way to get your guests on the dance floor all night long - but the truth is that rowdy college ex-roommate or crazy Aunt May are the ones most likely to stalk the DJ - All. Night. Long.

Or certain requests from guests can totally kill a good vibe on the dance floor.

So if you want to make sure your guest get a say in it too, asking your guests for song requests before the wedding day is very trendy and helpful. Add a song request line to the invitation RSVP or add in a request form on your wedding website.

This way you know the DJ can get to all those requests in an order that works with the mix and timing of the entire night.

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