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Top Ways Wedding Couples Are Daring To Be Different in the Florida Keys

If you think that every wedding you have been to in the last 5 years has been exactly the same, you are not alone. Maybe it's the pulling sense of tradition or fear of being the trail blazer that keeps couples from breaking the sea of sameness. But you don't have to loose any of the great elements that make up an amazing wedding or spend thousands of dollars on a fog machine, just to feel different.

Here are a few of my favorite tweaks on wedding traditions that make your wedding one you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Breaking Away From Hotels + Resorts

Big box hotels and resorts most likely will be your first go-to for wedding venue searching. These wedding venues in the Florida Keys can feel like the safest and only option when it comes to hosting a destination wedding. However, every ballroom can feel the same and resort beaches can be crowed and all look the same.

The truth is, there are a ton of unique wedding venues in the Florida Keys you may not know about because you can't find them on Wedding Wire or the Knot. Private vacation rentals are now of of the trendiest wedding venue in the Florida Keys. Its easy to see why! These beautiful beach estates is just like having your own private resort for wedding. This type wedding venue can also double duty - wedding location and accommodations.

And its not just for the uber rich. You can host a multi-day celebration with your closest family and friends for the same cost of a 5 hour wedding reception at a fine resort.

There are more logistical elements to planning a wedding at a private estate, so the best way to still keep your sanity is to connect with a local wedding planner first. They can help guide you and do most of the heavy lifting so you have smooth sailing the entire ride!

Unique Catering Options

That standard lemon chicken is so 1990. If you want your wedding to stand out in the most unique way possible, look outside the plate. Modern couples are not opting for dishes and bring in the local flair or include their favorite dish (no matter what it is!).

Best Day Ever Wedding Planning Florida Keys

Taco Bars in the Florid Keys is the perfect way to capture the island vibe. It's also a fantastic way to offer chicken, steak, and seafood at a most reasonable price. Guests get to choose their own options and custom their dinner to exactly what they want.

Love pizza? Who doesn't! Keep it fun and casual with a pizza bar featuring assorted freshly made pizzas from the brick oven that is brought right to your site. Or how about having your own sushi chef onsite making fresh rolls from locally caught fish.

There are so many ways to "fancy" up any type of cuisine so it's wedding approved.

Its all about how it's presented.

Ceremony Switch Up

The ceremony is where you find the most traditional elements to a wedding. Couples can sometimes feel to uneasy messing with any parts of the ceremony to make it their own in fear of upsetting Grandma. That totally makes sense. There are ways you can modernize the traditional wedding ceremony without changing the foundation of the tradition.

The biggest trend gaining momentum right now is: couple facing the audience. This requires the officiant to stand in the middle aisle facing the front, and the couple facing towards the crowd. This is perfect for those couples that would like their family to be able to see their faces and share in the emotion (without having to cross seating sides, which can be confusing for your guests)

It also makes for more beautiful, unique photos opportunities of just the couple. Angles that your photographers wouldn't be able to get with a traditional wedding ceremony. This is so ideal when you have amazing backdrops like a destination wedding in the Florida Keys.

No Matter What You Decide

Your wedding day will always be uniquely you because there are no other two people like you.

Don't be afraid to add in your personality to your wedding day. Looking for more ideas or need some help executing your vision? Let's connect and chat more about what makes your day so you.

How are you daring to be different?


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