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Horizon Beach House Wedding + Planning Guide in the Florida Keys

All inclusive wedding packages Florida Keys

Wedding ceremonies at beach vacation houses in the Florida Keys can be intimate and romantic, offering beautiful views of the ocean backdrop and a unique setting for your special day. Having weddings at private vacation homes in the Florida Keys is possible, but not every vacation rental allows for weddings and events. Some vacation rentals in the Florida Keys do offer the option of hosting weddings on their properties, while others may have restrictions in place.

The Horizon Beach House is one of my favorite locations to have a Wedding in the Florida Keys.

The capacity of vacation house rentals in the Florida Keys may vary depending on the specific estate size and the house policies, but typically most vacation house rentals for weddings can host up to 100 comfortable with some offering 200+. It’s important to discuss the maximum guest count and ensure that the estate can comfortably accommodate your desired number of attendees.

The Horizon Beach House is a fairly large complex with access to an adjacent large open beach area in addition to the vacation property itself that can fit up to 100 guests comfortably. Best. Day. Ever. Wedding Planning can assist you with everything in terms of the wedding logistics and planning from ceremony decor, chairs, officiant, photography and videography and even offer catering and bar options. You can see our various all-inclusive wedding options for vacation house rentals in the Florida Keys here.

Beach House weddings in Florida Keys can be personalized with decorations and seating arrangements. I work closely with our couples and discuss your desired decor options, such as floral arrangements, arches, seating arrangements, and any other special touches you envision for your ceremony. Kirsten and Kyle wanted a tropical backdrop and ocean scenery with an driftwood arch to seamlessly fit into an island vibe.

Couples at the Horizon Beach House often host a cocktail hour under the cool comfort of the beach house and around the lagoon stye pool after the ceremony. Guests enter the beach area to start off a wonderful dinner service. This couple opted for a beautiful clear top reception tent with white lanterns that reflected the light perfectly. Guests danced the night away under the starts of the Florida Keys.

I can assist with planning and putting together your ideal private wedding vacation house estate. Marathon and Islamorada Florida Keys boast some of the islands most premier vacation house rentals for private weddings.

So let's get started today planning your dream private beach wedding in the Florida Keys.

Its starts with just a few questions to get us started to find the perfect one just for you!


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