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Best Memorable Wedding Guest Experiences

Florida Keys destination weddings specialize in creating unforgettable experiences for your wedding guests. Create the perfect laid-back party vibe that is like no other wedding your guests have ever been to.

Giving guests favors or gifts for thanking them for attending your wedding is a staple tradition for most wedding couples. Modern couples are looking for ways to give their guests an fun experience AND a favor that won't end up in the trash the next day.

Your guests will be raving about your wedding day for years to come with the help of these unique wedding guest experiences you can add to your day for any Florida Keys destination wedding.

Wedding Guest Watercolor Paintings

Live painting is all the rage right now. And why not? What a awesome way to capture the spirit of the day and have a fab art piece to enjoy for years to come. You can give this same feeling to your guests! Giving them something to cherish and put on display.

Kourtney Cannon Art is the very best for that tropical, Florida Keys vibe with a personal touch. Quick and colorful mini portraits of guests as couples or families will be the favor they will want to display for years to come!

VW Bus Photo Booth

A fun new take on the traditional photo booth you have seen at so many weddings. This photo booth not only has the fun factor, but the aesthetics to upgrade the look to your wedding.

Guests can take the candid photos with them as memories to cherish and you can have a photo guest book, where guests can insert their pictures in a book and write a love note you so you can cherish forever.

Coconut Drinks

Keep things tropical with a customized real coconut filled with coconut water or a fun welcome cocktail!

Guests will get into the 5 o'clock feeling with this start to your wedding or during cocktail hour.

Just remember these are real coconuts and will spoil - so they do not make a good gift to take home.

S'more's Bar

Bring back this kid classic that even adults will love. Having an outdoor wedding has big perks for fun outdoor activities like roasting mellows! Add this to your dessert offering for a crowd pleasing activity.

Fire Dancers

Wow your guests with this show stopping event. Islamorada Barefoot Dance will entertain and delight your guests with a daring show of fire, music, and dancing. Make your guests apart of the action. Pull them into the performance with shoutouts, handouts, or even some wild on-stage antics.

Tattoo Bar

Two things are forever: Love + Tattoos (well maybe not these). Give your guests the freedom to get creative with fun temporary tats. Endless photo ops and fun antics come when you let you guests loose to have some fun. You can have some fun too by customizing the tattoos with monograms to even your faces!

Looking for more creative ideas or want support making the right decisions about your guests experience for your Florida Keys destination wedding? Let's start the conversation today!


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