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Best Big Ideas for Mini Weddings

Mini or mico weddings has been a super trendy word over the past year. You may be asking what is a mico wedding? This can be from an elopement of just the two of you to up to 30 guests to be considered a mini wedding.

It's no surprise that smaller wedding ideas are going viral in the Florida Keys. There are big advantages to hosting a more intimate wedding. If the reason for an mini wedding is to enjoy more time together or keeping within budget - here are some of the top ideas on how to make your mini wedding as big as your wedding dreams.

Partner Let Me Upgrade You

One of the most expensive part of a wedding is the dinner + bar. By inviting less guests means less money spent per person on eats and drinks. This could free up a good chunk of your wedding budget to upgrade wedding items that you thought you would never be able to afford. This could be from upgraded chairs to wedding arches and more flower arrangements.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

One of the reasons you might choose to have a smaller wedding is because the some of the formal "wedding traditions" don't vibe with you as a couple and doing a full on wedding doesn't feel like you. That totally makes sense. But don't think because you have a shorter guest list that you can't have any wedding traditions.

First dances and parent dances are one of the wedding traditions that some couples mostly look forward to. You can add this to your day even if you are not hosting a full wedding reception.

You can add these traditional dances as a nice transition right after the ceremony. If you already have music hired or setup for the ceremony, its perfect and easy space for these types of dances without having to more cost to your day.

Happy Cocktail Time

Couples are loving the idea to add in a cocktail time right after the ceremony. This could be with a simple Champaign toast to a open bar option at the ceremony site. This gives your guests something to do in between formal photos being taken. Adding on a few passed apps is another way to bring in a more traditional cocktail hour.

Dinner Reservations

If you are not loving the idea of spending your budget on a full blown out wedding reception, but still want to continue spending time with you guests - dinner reservations at a local restaurant is a great choice. Some restaurants have private dinning rooms or areas that you can rent for a fraction of the price of a full wedding reception. Ask for pre-fix menu options for your guest so you know all your costs up front to keep you on budget.

If you have a super intimate weddings, under 10 guests, you can research reservation options online through Open Table. Make sure to call head to the restaurant to given them a heads up.

Priceless Pictures

What is amazing about the Florida Keys destination wedding is that it doesn't matter your budget size- the sunset photos are all priceless! Romanic sunsets are one of the top reasons thousands of couples flock to the Keys for their wedding day. Its all about spend time together.

About This Wedding Expert

Hi! I am Kristy Harvey, founder + lead planner of Best. Day. Ever. Weddings Florida Keys. I know planning a destination wedding can be stressful (believe me -I planned one of my own) - that's why 50-60 couples each year turn to us to create their perfect day with them in mind.

Stop the stressing and overwhelm - and start truly enjoying this once in a lifetime planning journey.

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