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Beach Wedding Ideas Trending Now

Your wedding day should be unique and personalized to you and your style. However, sometimes you don't know what you like until you see it. Well, you have come to the right place to explore the latest trends in beach wedding decor and ideas.

1. Rethinking the Wedding Arch - the wedding arch is a staple in beach weddings for decades. Wedding arches, usually a two post or a four post arch made of bamboo, wood, or drift wood, are a great way to give a sense of space to an open beach front. The most recent beach wedding trend puts a fun spin on the traditional arch. Think outside the arch with fun geometric shapes, like triangles, octagons or circle arches. These bring a fun surprise and interest when you say "I Do." Or not an arch at all - using trees or plants is becoming a popular way to set the ceremony stage. See if you can set up the ceremony between two tall trees (a great way to save some $$) or renting two potted palms gives the space interest while keeping with the natural surroundings.

2. Centerpiece Alternatives - When you think about centerpieces, most think about extravagant center flower displays, but for the latest trend you don't have to look any further than your kitchen. If you are having a beach wedding in a tropical location, like the Florida Keys, using bright, colorful local fruits as centerpieces is being very popular. The pineapple is a great example of a fun tropical fruit that adds a fun flair to any decor. And table-scapes are the new centerpiece. This takes the decor all the way from end to end of the table, instead of the traditional center. This goes for seating at rectangle tables to rounds as well.

3. Eco Friendly Twist on Traditions - Couples who are thinking about a beach destination wedding are now, more than ever, concerned about the environmental impact of their wedding and taking it into their own hands. Making sure the venue you are working with is practicing eco friendly practices is important. Couples are now also taking a look at traditional wedding practices they want to celebrate and seeing how they can make it eco-friendly. This includes tossing only organic material (such as real flower peddles or biodegradable confetti) at the ceremony recessional, to using glow sticks (instead of sparklers that usually end up littering the ground) or color ribbon (of your wedding colors) on long sticks for a fun whimsical feel.

4. Ditch the Cake - Gone are the days of large three tier cakes - a dessert that most of your guest probably won't eat. Trending right now are cake alternatives like mini pies or dessert shooters that give your guests fun choices. Or make it personal with a traditional dessert that has important significance in your family our culture. Make sure to ask your venue if they allow you to bring in a special dessert and if they will charge you for it. If you still crave that face-smashing tradition, think about including a small cake to cut and have some fun. With a smaller cake, it will be more cost efficient to beautify it to your dreams.

5. Wooden Flowers- I promise you won't get splinters from this flower alternative. Flowers can be one of the most expensive items on your wedding budget list, so this wooden flower trending alternative is not only good for your wallet but will not wilt in the heat of your beach wedding. Check out our fav wooden flower vendors on Esty Have them shipped to your venue to lower the stress about traveling with them.

About This Wedding Expert

Hi! I am Kristy Harvey, Director of Dream Weddings at the Courtyard Marathon Florida Keys. I know planning a destination wedding can be stressful (believe me -I planned one of my own) - that's why 30-40 couples each year turn to us to create their perfect day with them in mind.

As the onsite wedding planner, I am with our couples from the contracting phase to walking them down the aisle. I love sharing my insight and experience with couples - helping them navigate this amazing, fun, and sometimes nerve-racking process to create the most memorable

day of their lives.

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