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3 Big Wedding Day Mistakes

Best Day Ever Wedding Planning

I had a couples pick a very specific wedding date. This date was so special to them that they were not going to get married unless the venue and vendors all had this date available. It was the first day they met and all special moments revolved around this date. First dates, engagement, and now their wedding date.

When it came do the wedding day and the officiant asked for the marriage license, the couple had forgot to carve out time to get the actual marriage license. The wedding day was still so beautiful and the couple had the best time, however, on their marriage certificate, the date is actually the following date. The couple went the next morning to the courthouse to actually file the license.

When planning destination wedding there are so many details to remember, it's not hard to believe that some things might be overlooked. There are the top three things that

#1 Forgetting the Marriage License

Make sure you know how and when you need to get your marriage license. If you are having a destination wedding, its so important to do your research in that area.

To get married in the Florida Keys, you are required to have a marriage license from any county in Florida. There are three court houses in the Florida Keys that offer this service. It's super easy and does not take a lot of time, just make sure you schedule time to do this before your big day. If you are a resident of Florida, you need to get your marriage license at least three days before your wedding date.

#2 Not Considering the Weather

If you are hosting a beach destination wedding, most likely your wedding will be outside. Destinations like the Florida Keys make for an amazing wedding destination because the weather is ideal year round.

You still should wake up the morning of your wedding day, ready to see what the weather will bring you and make adjustments if needed. Check the wind speed and direction to see if you may need to slightly pin back some hair pieces or add more than usual hairspray to make it perfect.

Be open to expert advice that the long vail you love, may not be very comfortable or practical that specific day. When you are open to these little adjustments, you will be much more comfortable the entire day.

#3 Being the One in Charge

You have put in countless hours planning out all of the smallest details. There have been many sleepless nights, tossing and turning in bed trying to remember every last task. So you may think that you would be the best person to make sure your day is all executed as planned. As true as that statement is, do you really want to be the one in charge all day?

You put together your wedding day so you can truly enjoy each and every moment. The day of your wedding is the best time to really lean into your tribe. Make sure your bridesmaids or family members all have the timeline to insure they know where to be and when.

If you truly want to really let go and enjoy the day, bring in an expert to handle all the wedding day logistics for you. ( I am currently offering a special limited day-of coordination package that won't break the bank, if you would like an expert to help execute your master plans).

Asking a bridesmaid to be the point of contact for the day of your wedding can be problematic. Your wedding party will most likely need to be a part of the wedding day events before the ceremony even starts, such as photos. It's much better idea to ask a close family member or trusted friend that is not apart of the wedding party to help be the point of contact when questions arise on the wedding day.

Download my free Wedding Day Checklist which has step by step tasks including those important weeks leading up to your wedding day.


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