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Welcome To The Wedding Vault

I am excited to get started on our planning  journey together!
Here you will have free access to all of my best kept secrets of wedding planning.

All the stress of where to start and how to plan is eased with
these masterful check lists, worksheets, & examples

Wedding Resources 

Check out these helpful checklists and workbooks to help guide your planning experience.

Check List by Month 

Here is a check list to help keep our planning on track.  You will see when you will need to contact certain vendors and which details to think about when.

Ceremony Start Time

The number one question I get asked is, "When should I start my ceremony?"

There are a few factors to take into consideration, but I have created a easy calculation to follow that leads to the most ideal time to start your wedding ceremony.

1. Sunset time
2. How long your reception is (venue time + vendor time)

The sunset time is the number one factor to when your ceremony will start, will be the sunset time for your day.  R
omantic sunset photos will start about 20 minutes before the actual sunset time.

For a standard 4hour reception time, your ceremony start time will be 1-1.5 hour before your sunset time.

This is to make sure that your ceremony photos are light/bright and the sunset photo time can fall when we can take you away but not miss anything that is happening in the wedding.

Note for wedding dates between 11/6/22 - 3/12/23: Because your sunset time is early, I suggest to do a first look and formal family photos prior to the ceremony to optimize your time and light. 

Décor Worksheet

If you are renting items from the venue, choosing from my personal curated collection, or planning to bring your own décor - it can all  be a bit overwhelming to think about what décor goes where. 

This itemized worksheet will break down each section of your wedding to areas where décor is most popular and help organize the responsible party.

Design Your Wedding

When you want to add some personality to your wedding day, but don't want the fuss - turn to my design guide to offer you simple, affordable solutions to making your day truly unique.  

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