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Top 7 Weird Wedding Words + Definitions

If you are just starting off wedding planning, you maybe hearing some words that make you think "what is that?" and you maybe you're just too embarrassed to ask.

This is totally natural and good wedding pros should always make you feel comfortable to as all the questions, no matter how silly you might feel.

Here is a list of the most common weddding words that you might have hear someone mention during your planning journey that you probably won't hear anywhere else.


Definition: Used for or taking part in a religious ceremony.

You will hear this when discussing wedding ceremony line up for the start of the wedding. Although this has religious context, it's used as just a common term in the wedding industry. This is who and in what order your family and wedding party will walk down before the bride. With modern families, this order and who is involved is totally personalized and is really 100% to the couple. If you are looking for just a place to start, download my free Ceremony Line Up Guide.

Unity Ceremony

Definition- used in a wedding ceremony to symbolize two people joining in marriage.

This is another word with religious background, but is common for non-denominational too. The most traditional version is a candle lighting unity ceremony where two candle flames are used to light one unity candle. Destination weddings are getting creative with pouring of two colored sands into one bottle or literally tying the knot with two different color rope or the pouring of beer/wine. It's ok to get crative here to match your personality. It's also ok to skip this all together.


Definition- relating to a withdrawal

In the wedding world, this is the order that you exit the ceremony. It will start with the bride and groom, the work backwards from the processional. This is usually followed with a fun, upbeat song to walk out to. This will most likely include your wedding party, if they are standing up beside the couple. Parents and other family members can be optional for the recessional based on what might be happening after the ceremony.


Definition- an automotive tractor with one or more units.

For weddings this is something completely different. You will definitely hear this when dress shopping starts. A train will refer to the fabric of the dress that extends from the back that trails behind you as you walk. Length of trains vary from dress to dress and come in all different styles to fit your personality.


Definition- framework expanding and supporting the fullness and drapery of the back of a woman's skirt or dress.

In wedding terms, this is how a bride can attach the train of the dress to the back of the dress so shes not tripping over it all night. If you will be having a train on your dress, no matter the length, a bustle is highly recommended. This will save you from having to kick it around or carry it all night long. Not to mention others stepping on it while you are trying to dance.

Some dresses you will need to have a seamstress crate a bustle for you and some dresses may already have one built in. Make sure you review this with your dress retailer so you know you.

There are a variety of options of styles when it comes to what type of bustle that is right for the dress and your own personal style.

Pro tip: if the bustle is a little complex (more than 1-2 steps), make sure to have a bustle expert on your team. Ask if you can video the dress retailer bustling the dress so when it comes to game day, your team isn't wasting time trying to bustle you.

First Look

Definition- the act of the wedding couple seeing each other before the ceremony.

Most traditionally, the couple won't see each other on their wedding day until walking down the aisle. Some modern couples are now choosing to see each before the ceremony. This can help the couple to calm the nerves before the ceremony. It can also help with the timeline. Checking off formal photos before the ceremony can give you more time to truly enjoy the rest of the day. It also makes for cute photo moment for the couple.

Sweetheart Table

Definition- referring to a dinner table for just the wedding couple.

This is a wedding reception trend that offers a more intimate setting for the couple. This would replace a head table, where the couple would sit with their wedding party. Benefit? It's the first meal you will have as a married couple, so just sharing in that moment can be sweet. It also may help with the layout, keeping the space even and balanced.

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