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Top 3 Florida Keys Wedding Secrets

What The Wedding Industry Does't Want You To Know

The Florida Keys is an amazing destination wedding location for so many reasons. There are some very obvious reasons why the Florida Keys is such a perfect wedding location such as as no passport needed for this island tropical get-away.

Here are a few best kept secrets of the wedding industry doesn't want getting out about Florida Keys destination wedding ideas:

Marathon Florida Keys + Middle Keys

CNN just posted national news article on the middle keys as the new place to be because of emerging new resorts, local cuisine, and unique attractions like the turtle hospital and 7mile bridge. Once just a sleeping town you pass through to Key West, is now one of of the greatest destinations in the U.S.

You should take advantage of this newly emerging location for your wedding now so you can can take advantage of it's quite nature with less crowds, less traffic, and more open water views than any other key before other do.

Private Wedding Beach Estates

You can leave the cookie cutter destination wedding venue behind and choose the totally private and exclusive vacation rental to host your big day. There are dozens of exclusive wedding beach homes prime for hosting the most amazing wedding experience.

Fine resorts don't want you to know that if you can afford a 5 hour wedding, then you can host a multi day wedding vacation on your own private "mini resort" estate.

Just be careful because not every vacation house allows for wedding and events. Make sure you ask all the questions before sending in your deposit or connect with an expert to help guide you to the right vacation rental.

Summer Temperature

These islands are the warmest place in the US in winter AND yet never exceeds 95 in summer. They enjoy more sun than Los Angeles and half the rain of Miami because of the arid trade winds. So it is perfect weather for your destination wedding in the Florida Keys any time of year.

Summer months in the Florida Keys offers less crowds, more availability, and better discounts than any other time of year. When your wedding day starts towards the evening hours of the day, the sun starts to set and temps start to cool. The warm, comfortable nights of the summer in the Florida Keys make it ideal for wedding receptions too.

You get to enjoy warm, crystal clear water the year around which nurtures the last living coral reef in North America.

Not A Secret For Long

These great ideas for having the best destination wedding in the Florida Keys won't stay a secret for long.

If you are ready to start your search or looking for help putting it all to together, Best. Day. Ever. Wedding Planning is here to make wedding planning fun again!


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