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How to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony Line Up

There are lots of details that go into modern wedding planning these days.

One of the details that is often overlooked until you are standing at the ceremony rehearsal with wide eyes, is how you want to plan your wedding ceremony line up.

This is one of those details you might keep putting off because you are unsure of what the proper order of a wedding processional is - or what is a processional anyway!

First things first, the processional is the order in which guests/wedding party will formally be walking down the aisle before the bride. Although, this is a very old wedding tradition - know that modern families these days don't always look the same so it's ok do really to this your own way.

No matter who or how you decided to line up the processional, it's always a good idea to start thinking about this early and go into the ceremony rehearsal with a game plan.

Here are some of my pro tips to planning your processional:

  • Consider a Wedding Couple First Look - this will allow your line up to be a bit less stressful instead of trying so hard to avoid seeing each other right at the start of the ceremony line up

  • Avoid Double Duty - try not to give one escort more than one job. Having a wedding party guest have to run back to the start of the line to escort another guest brings extra stress and could wreck the flow

  • Where Are My Parents? If you are having small children join your processional consider where their parents will be during the ceremony. Some kids might find it frightful to have all eyes on them. Having parents walk down with them or be on the very end of the aisle can be more comforting and make the experience better for the little ones.

If you are looking for a place to start, check out my free download "Wedding Ceremony Line Up Guide" to get the ball rolling on your wedding ceremony planning.

About This Planner

I am a Midwest girl (Go Bears!) turned sunshine junkie for sure! I live and breath the beautiful Florida Keys.

My most popular all-inclusive wedding package does all the hard work for you so planning is a breeze and you can focus on the fun parts.

I would love to join your tribe to help make this amazing journey of wedding planning so much easier then you thought it would be.


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