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Budget Friendly Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Day

Every wedding as a certain amount of traditions that are pretty universal across the board.

Modern couples are now looking for the best ways to really take those traditions and add their personal touches to stand out in a sea of same-same weddings, but without breaking the bank.

Personalizing gift favors like cozies or coasters are a super cute way for guests to remember that special day, but customized items like these can get expensive very quickly.

And you don't have spend the savings for your new house for a personalized fireworks display to really leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Personalize The Ceremony -

if you are going the religious way or not, all ceremonies need to have a few specific sayings in order to make it official. Outside of the "I Dos", it's pretty much free game.

Have your officiant add in a few short stories on how you met or talk about your shared love of sushi that brought you closer as a couple. Guests will eat this up and the originality will make sure this ceremony is custom made just for you.

Remember not to go too overboard here too. Long stories that need a lot of context might not be the best fit. Just a few extra sentences will do for your guests to really enjoy the ceremony.

Add Lighting For Impact -

Lighting is one of the most cost effective way to truly transform a space. This will most likely have some cost associated with upgrading the lighting, so make sure to check with your vendors. The right lighting can restyle any area- giving dramatic impact for less money than any other décor items ever could.

Color up-lighting in your wedding color theme can tie in spaces that otherwise might look drab or unused. Give dramatic flair to venue hall walls or up-light palm trees to give your day that 'wow' factor that will live on in your pictures too.

If you are having an outdoor and/or tent, consider different style chandeliers or lanterns to give elegance and style to your day. Ask your vendors about dimming options and colors.

Wedding Music Requests To Please -

Music will play a big role in the wedding day feel. From the ceremony or the rockin' reception, you will have lots of choices to make in the music department.

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to pick out all the formal songs and over two hours of dancing reception music, that is totally normal. It may feel easier to say to the DJ, "You know best." Really good DJ's can read a room and use their experience to create an awesome party- but they can't read your mind.

The wedding reception music is the ideal place to really personalize the day to you.

Start early - anytime you are in the car and catch both of you lip-singing the song- add it to your Spotify or Apply Play list right then! Then text the list right to your entertainment vendor for easy communication.

Ask your guests before the wedding what songs they want to hear. Add this line to invitation RSVP or add a form to your wedding website. This is a awesome way to help you build your list AND customize the day.

Guest Signing Book-

Couples are getting super creative in ways to keep the tradition of the Wedding Guest Signing Book - but making it more personal and/or practical.

The polaroid camera is making a big come back. Not only is it nostalgic, but these candid shots can be viewed for years to come. Don't forget the double sided tape if sticking to an actual guest book.

A functional, eco-friendly tote that your guests sign and Sea Bags will put together for you as daily reminder of the love from family/friends.

Show off your tote while strolling down the beaches of the Florida Keys.

About This Wedding Expert

Hi! I am Kristy Harvey, founder + lead planner of Best. Day. Ever. Weddings Florida Keys. I know planning a destination wedding can be stressful (believe me -I planned one of my own) - that's why 50-60 couples each year turn to us to create their perfect day with them in mind.

Stop the stressing and overwhelm - and start truly enjoying this once in a lifetime planning journey.

Let's start your planning journey together today!


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