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7 Surprising Benefits of a Wedding Beach House Rental

Private beach estates for destination weddings in the Florida Keys

Beach house wedding

With the variety of choices of wedding venues in the Florida Keys, it's no surprise that finding the right venue can be very overwhelming for most couples. There is a simple new concept for beach weddings in the Florida Keys, where you will be the only guests on a private beach estate. Vacation home rentals for weddings can pamper your guests with a multi day wedding experience on a private beach and you can stretch your wedding budget.

All-Inclusive Wedding Beach House Package

Couples love the idea of a beach house wedding, but cringe when thinking about how to logistically put it all together. Unlike resorts that offer the cookie-cutter basics, vacation homes need everything to be brought in. This can be super intimidating to some coupes.

That is way the All-Inclusive Wedding Beach House Package is the best way to book the private beach of your dreams with the super convince of the essentials already done for you!

Private Bech House Wedding

Here are the top 7 reasons why hosting your beach wedding at a private estate is an unforgettable experience you will not regret:


When you combine your wedding accommodation needs with the wedding venue site, it's a win-win.

You won't have to pay extra just to rent out a spot at a high end resort. When you stay on our site, it's all included.


There will be no photo bombers in speedos here! Shock your guests with a completely private site that is only for you and your guests.


When you book your own vacation rental estate, you can host as many celebrations as you like.

From welcome receptions and rehearsal dinners to farewell brunches without any addition site fee costs.

Florida Keys Wedding Venue


Spend more quality time together when you host a multi day wedding celebration in the Florida Keys for as much as a five hour wedding at a nice resort. Arrange for fun actives like yoga or game nights right at your beach house and off site sunset cruises and snorkeling trips near by. Everyone will get to enjoy the destination with a vacation of a lifetime.


The wedding reception does't have to end when your time runs out! Your beach house is yours, so keep the fun going with an after party right onsite. Although the Keys does have a sound ordinance (10PM), that doesn't mean your fun has to stop - just the DJ. Guests are free to hang out and wind down the night with you for as long as you like.


One of the best financial benefits of hosting your wedding at a beach vacation house, is that you can buy and service you own alchol. You can by pass the huge liquor markups with going to a local grocery store to purchase your own drinks. Go all out with top shelf at a quarter of a fine resort cost or keep it simple with the choices you want at the budget that makes sense to you.

Want to know how much it may costs to BYOB your own wedding?

Click here to see the best Wedding Alcohol Calculator we found.

There are amazing catering service options that can bring in all the coolers, ice, mixers, and garnishes so you don't have to worry. Bartender service starts as low as $10 per person.


Upgrade to a more romantic beach wedding in the Florida Keys because it is totally private, simple and so affordable. Your wedding will be like no other wedding your guests have been to. Pamper your guests on undisturbed private islands and vast ocean views that were only thought to be for the rich and famous.

Private Beach Wedding Venue in the Florida Keys

Amenities to Compliment Your Beach House Wedding

Here are some of the amenities you thought were only reserved for the rich and famous:


All vacation rentals include a private pool (or 2) onsite. Sip your tropical rum punch poolside with no unwanted intruders (or kids) around.


These vacation estates can host 10-22 guests in one location. Guests will be thrilled to help split the cost with offering so affordable accmmodations too. When your most favorite people make a vacation of your wedding with you, the fun never ends!


These water front homes will leave your guests in shock and awe. Breathtaking sunsets almost every night, make for amazing romanic sunset photo opportunities.

Sunset Wedding in the Florida Keys

How Much Does It Cost to Get Married at a Private Beach House?

My All-Inclusive Wedding Beach House Package takes out all of the guess work and stress from wedding planning from thousands of miles away. When everything you need from rental items, to vendors, and catering is already done for you - you stay on budget and get to start planning from the fun part!

Beach vacation rental costs very from season to day of the week. Some beach homes offer a 3 night minimum, while others weekly rental options. Rentals can start as low as $900 - $1,200 a night for five bedroom vacation home.

You can customize any package to best fit exactly what you are searching for!

If you would like to start to plan + price your private beach estate wedding with me, let's get you some answers today! Lets connect! Schedule a free, no-obligation wedding consultation chat


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