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5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning A Destination Wedding

Choosing to have a destination wedding or keep it local is the first question you will need to answer after you say "YES!" Destination weddings can be an amazing experiences- filled with days of friends and family time. Celebrating life and love in a location that is sentimental to you as a couple or just an amazing adventure in a new spot - there are a few questions you should ask yourself as you start planning from afar.



1. Do you trust those onsite? I admit, this is a loaded question, right? How can you truly trust those that you might have only spent a few hours or moments with? Or sometimes you won't meet them face to face until the day of your wedding. The underlining factor here is your gut. When you talk with them, do you feel at ease? This isn't a fool proof way, but trusting yourself is the best way to go. Get a bad feeling or somethings just not right? Move on!

2. What's really included (or not) in your package? It's important to truly understand what the venue is responsible for and what might you need to outsource. Every venue package is different. Don't assume something as simple as plates and glasses are included in one package, that it's included in another. Ask for a full list of items the venue will provide. This is also important factor in calculating the total costs. So don't be afraid to hound on this early from your potential venue partner

3. How many guests do you really want to come? It's normal to feel at first that you want everyone to come to your destination wedding to celebrate. But once you start crushing the numbers, the number of guests is the number one factor to hitting or missing your budget. Also with destination weddings comes more logistics your way. As a couple, truly sit down and talk about who you want to spend this special day with.

4. Outdoors? What's the Plan B? No one wants to talk about what happens if it rains on my wedding day. With 75% of destination wedding ceremonies and receptions will be outdoors. and having the opportunity to be outdoors in beautiful weather is the #1 reason most couples choose a destination wedding - I totally get why. But no matter the destination, you should ask, what is the Plan B? Known when you need to make the call to pull the trigger on the Plan B so you are prepared.

5. How many weddings does the venue allow each day? This may not be a deal breaker for you, if you were the only one in white or not- but it's a good to know either way. If they do book more than one a day, insure there will be enough staff and that a wedding planner will be available just for you. Chances are if your having an issue that needs attention, the other wedding will have one at the same time. Your wedding deserves the attention as if it's the only one.

About The Wedding Expert

Hi! I am Kristy Harvey, Director of Dream Weddings at the Courtyard Marathon Florida Keys. I know planning a destination wedding can be stressful (believe me -I planned one of my own) - that's why 30-40 couples each year turn to us to create their perfect day with them in mind.

As the onsite wedding planner, I am with our couples from the contracting phase to walking them down the aisle. I love sharing my insight and experience with couples - helping them navigate this amazing, fun, and sometimes nerve-racking process to create the most memorable

day of their lives.


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